Exchange and Return:

- The customer has the right to cancel the order before sending it to the shipping company.
- The customer bears the shipping fees and refund fees, if any. In the event that the order cannot be delivered due to the lack of response to the mobile phone or the reversal of the purchase decision without reason.
- The store bears the costs of returning a product received that does not match what was described on the site, or the invoice received, and providing compensation in the form of a coupon used later, equal to what was paid on that product.
-The store bears the costs of any product that has a defect that prevents it from being used, such as if it has a defect or has expired.
- In the case that there is a defective product, the store must be notified within a maximum period of 24 hours from the time of receipt, with the exception of the expired product, so the reporting period is a full week from the date of receipt.
- Simat Store is not obligated to provide compensation for gifts or free samples.
-The compensation does not include issues that have relative opinions, such as taste, color, and size.